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New collection of engagement reports gathers child and youth insights and perspectives.

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A new Child and Youth Engagement Reports collection has been established on our website, pulling together New Zealand-based engagement reports that feature the insights and perspectives of children and young people.

The engagements have been undertaken by government agencies, NGOs, universities and youth-led initiatives, and range from small, qualitative studies with specific population groups to more extensive surveys that involved thousands of children and young people.  They cover a wide range of topics, including general wellbeing, health and mental health, environment, employment and transitions. 

This collection aims to help raise the visibility of insights and perspectives of children and young people. We want to ensure their voices help to inform and influence policy development, programmes, and services delivery, along with future engagements.

It also delivers on one of the sixteen recommendations that came from last year’s Review of the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy: "establish an online platform to raise visibility of child and youth engagement and representation opportunities across government, and to capture findings from engagements so that they can be used to inform a range of other work".

The  reports have been grouped under tag-words drawn from key themes highlighted in the engagement report.  We will continue to keep this collection updated as new reports are published. There is also ongoing work to develop a more user-friendly layout, with better search and filter options (including by outcome, keyword, author, publication year etc). 

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