Address learners' needs by improving data quality, availability, timeliness and capability

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Children and young people are learning and developing

Lead agency:
Ministry of Education
Action timeframe:
From 2019

This initiative provides a data system that enables a joined-up approach to data about student progress and their learning support needs throughout their schooling.

The Ministry has established the Data Protection and Use Policy for the Social Sector in Education working group and held a symposium in March. 

Automated data quality checks have been implemented for a number of core data collections and systems in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) and schooling sectors. A new national learner data repository, called Te Rito, will create an individual record of every learner and follow that learner through their entire learner journey.

Early stage rollout began in March 2020, with further rollouts planned, and additional functionality in development.  Data quality checks have been implemented for core data collections and systems.