Youth Plan

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Children and young people are involved and empowered

Lead agency:
Ministry for Youth Development
Action timeframe:
From 2019

The Youth Plan

The first Youth Plan (2020-2022): Turning Voice into Action – Rebuilding and Recovering launched in July 2020. It was primarily informed by engagement with young people and the youth sector, and collaboration with government agencies. While work on the first Youth Plan began prior to the emergence of COVID-19, it was adapted to incorporate a COVID-19 response and recovery lens prior to its launch.

The Review and refresh of the Youth Plan

A review of the Youth Plan began in mid-2022 to assess the effectiveness of the Youth Plan in achieving better outcomes for young people and coordinating action across government. This included: a process evaluation; targeted engagement with young people; targeted engagement with the youth sector; a baseline report using the Youth Plan’s initial measurement framework; and self-assessments from action leads. These materials contributed to an initial report to the then Minister of Youth in October 2022.

The refresh of the Youth Plan began late 2022 with a view to launch an improved Youth Plan in early to mid-2023. Young people’s voices played a key role in refreshing the youth plan, with MYD kaimahi and MYD’s Youth Advisory Group (YAG) reaching over 1,400 young people across the motu through in-person engagements and an online survey.

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