The Programme of Action draws on evidence about what works, focuses on where the urgent needs are, and gets started on the longer-term changes needed to transform systems and services to improve the wellbeing of children and young people. 

It sets out the policies, initiatives, programmes and plans the Government will deliver over the next 1-5 years, to achieve the vision and outcomes of the Strategy.  The actions reflect what children and young people, and others, told us was important to them.

When launched alongside the Strategy in August 2019, the original Programme of Action brought together more than 75 actions and nearly 50 supporting actions, led by 20 government agencies with responsibilities for child and youth wellbeing. These actions were backed by around $3.5 billion in funding to improve child wellbeing in Budget 2019.

Since its launch, the Programme of Action has continued to evolve in response to new and emerging needs, particularly those relating to the extensive disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

It is intended to be a living document that is updated as existing actions are completed, and new actions are developed to address gaps and new areas of focus for child and youth wellbeing. 

See the Programme of Action

See the original Programme of Action (Aug 2019)

See the Monitoring Report, which provides an update on progress for the year ending June 2020.

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  • Actions by outcome

    Just as the outcomes are interconnected, so too are the actions. While categorised under a single outcome, they will often achieve progress across several or all outcomes.