Summary Engagement Reports related to the Strategy Review

The Children’s Act 2014 requires the Strategy to be reviewed within three years of its adoption, with the first review due to be completed by August 2022.  To help inform the review,  we undertook small-scale, targeted engagements with key partners and stakeholders from June-July 2022, most notably with children and young people themselves.

We asked stakeholders to share their insights and perspectives on a range of matters including:

  • whether the Strategy outcomes and priorities are the right ones, the relevance of the focus areas listed in the Strategy, and their views on adding child and youth mental wellbeing as a fifth priority area
  • ideas for improving opportunities for children and young people and others outside government to lead, shape and drive implementation of the Strategy
  • the barriers and enablers for implementing the Strategy, including the extent to which the Strategy is or is not being implemented effectively
  • the role of central government in enabling communities and whānau to do what is needed to support child and youth wellbeing and identifying opportunities to reduce duplication of effort
  • the impacts of COVID-19 and the current economic and social environment.

The attached summary reports include the key themes and insights from the engagements, and include an overview of who was involved and the methodology. 

The 'Unleashing the potential of whānau-centred and community-led ways of working' report, prepared by the Southern Initiative in partnership with DPMC, draws together recent work to consolidate learnings with whānau and system partners, to create the conditions for wellbeing in place.  It includes insights from recent engagements, wānanga and kōrero with key stakeholders, and also helped inform the Strategy Review.

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