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This website is managed by the Child Wellbeing & Poverty Reduction Group of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

The Government wants New Zealand to be the best place in the world to be a child. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, in her role as the Minister for Child Poverty Reduction, is the lead Minister of this work.  The work is being led by the Child Wellbeing and Poverty Reduction Group, which sits within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. The group was established in February 2018 and consists of two units:

Child Wellbeing Unit

The Child Wellbeing Unit is leading the development and implementation of New Zealand’s first Wellbeing Strategy for children and young people. The Strategy sets out the actions the Government intends to take to improve the wellbeing of all New Zealand children – now and in the future. The Unit’s role is to:

  • oversee the implementation of the Strategy, including managing statutory, Cabinet and public reporting requirements

  • seek input and advice from a range of individuals, groups and agencies, including children and young people, Māori and other stakeholders.

  • consider the interests and needs of all children and young people, with a particular focus on child poverty and socio-economic disadvantage and those with greater needs

  • provide advice on the policies and actions intended to improve the wellbeing of all children and young people and lead or coordinate cross-agency advice on the five priority policy areas under the Strategy

Child Poverty Unit

The Child Poverty Unit has been established to support the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, as the Minister for Child Poverty Reduction. The Unit’s role is to:

  • support the implementation requirements of the Child Poverty Reduction Act 2018

  • support agencies to implement the legislation

  • work with others to identify actions and policies for reducing child poverty

  • provide advice to Ministers on child related matters

  • work closely with the Child Wellbeing Unit on poverty-related aspects of the Strategy.

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