Child and youth voice research findings

The Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2020

AUTHOR: UN Youth New Zealand

The Report outlines feedback from 200 young people involved in a multi-day online conference, which sets out the biggest priorities that rangatahi would like to see addressed in this country, from inequality in education to our place in global affairs.

The young people identified and ranked three solution statements under each of the following themes:

  • Economic development: improving productivity, creating a more equitable economy; stopping the brain drain
  • Education: addressing the inequity of the educations system; attracting kiwis to teaching; developing a modern curriculum
  • Environment: climate change; sustainability; land and water
  • Governance & Justice: Promoting an equitable corrections approach; Reinstating prisoner voting rights; Drug policy reform; ensuring fair representation in parliament
  • Healthcare and Hauora: Mental health; accessibility of healthcare services; health education
  • Identity and representation: Media and representation, equity; LGBTQIA+ inclusivity
  • International relations: Rethinking international trade; proactivel climate change impact mitigation; promoting New Zealand
  • Rights & Freedoms: Access and distribution of personal data; hate speech legislation; effective firearms control
  • Science and engineering: Adapting to rapid technological changes; encouraging accessibility and representation in STEM; AI and automation in the workforce
  • Social and Youth Development: Promoting inclusivity in all environments; Instilling civic responsibility; social support through an increased focus on employment

The Report is designed for public and decision-makers to use, to inform them of the issues and challenges that are of concern and significance to young people,
and most importantly the solutions they want to see.  Within the report, each of the three solution statements identifies the problem, and offers a tangible course of action.

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