Child and youth voice research findings

The Aotearoa Youth Declaration 2022

AUTHOR: UN Youth New Zealand

This report captures feedback from 135 diverse young people involved in a multi-day conference. The focus was on a vision of Aotearoa in 2050 and the changes rangatahi would like to see implemented by this time.  

The Report covers 12 policy areas, with rangatahi expressing their key concerns and recommended policy solutions in each of the following areas:

  • Arts and Culture: including accessibility and exposure; investment; and education
  • Climate Change: including protecting our future, the environment and people
  • Diversity and Accessibility: including accessibility in public places; equity, accessibility and diversity within the education system; equitable healthcare system
  • Economic Development: including welfare system; trade; and tax changes
  • Education: including equity in outcomes; better online and blended learning environments: evolution and adaptation
  • Hauora: including health communication; medical research and technology; and equitable mental health services
  • International Relations: humanitarian obligations; trade relations; safeguarding Pacific Island nations
  • Justice and Governance: including Te Tiriti; civics education and prisons
  • Science and Technology: including STEM curriculum; AI and automation
  • Social Development: including rising living costs; housing crisis; social inclusion
  • Transport
  • Youth Development: including practical and life skills; mental health education; poverty.

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