Child and youth voice research findings

Better Futures 2020

Better Futures 2020

2020 research tracking NZers attitudes and behaviours around sustainability. Captures feedback from 1,500 New Zealanders, including 500 13-17 year olds

Key findings include:

  • Top concerns for adults are: Protection of children, build up of plastic in environment, cost of living
  • Top concerns for youth are: Suicide rates, build up of plastic in environment, water pollution
  • Climate change increasing concern for NZers, affecting mindset and behaviour
  • Actions mainly relate to tangible changes in everyday behaviour:
    • 50%  agree need to change their diet to save environment, including increasing trend for meat free and more open to alternative food sources
    • Increased action on reducing waste and the focus on the 'excess' of everyday items
    • Around half have shifted to sustainable products/brands/services
  • Climate change causes divergence in opinions – between generations, genders, cultures and communities.
  • Climate change has resonated with NZ teens: 76% of 13-17s aware of the recent school strikes, 28% partcipated   
  • People blame business & government for creating the problems – and expect them to take responsibility
  • 60% of 13-17 year olds are very/somewhat interested in politics but 70% believe that politicians do not take notice of the concerns of young people
  • 18-29 year olds feel most empowered to make an impact on issues relating to climate change

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