Child and youth voice research findings

Children’s informal learning at home during COVID-19 lockdown

This 2020 report investigates children’s experiences of informal, everyday learning in their household bubble. It involved 178 children in Years 4–8, from 10 primary schools.

Children described developing and adapting to new daily structures and routines during lockdown. Seven themes emerged from the qualitative analysis of the interviews with children, including: 

  • Learning new structures and routines in the bubble 
  • Learning from and with whānau 
  • Learning about and through language, culture, and identity 
  • Learning through life events 
  • Emotional dimension of learning 
  • Learning about and through digital technologies 
  • Self-directed and self-regulated learning.

Full and summary reports are available, as well as short videos of the seven themes featuring the voices of the children.

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