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Education For All Our Children: Embracing Diverse Ethnicities

AUTHOR: Education Review Office

This report looks at how Education meets the needs of our learners from ethnic communities (including  African, Asian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern). It draws on a wide range of sources, including the voices of ethnic learners from a range of school types.

Key findings of the report include:

  • Many learners from ethnic communities achieve well in education.
  • Learners from ethnic communities experience widespread racist bullying, which too often is not taken seriously by their school
  • Learners from ethnic communities often do not feel they belong.
  • Education provision does not always reflect what whānau and learners from ethnic communities want.
  • Whānau from ethnic communities face barriers to engaging with schools.
  • Many learners from ethnic communities go on to tertiary study, but pathways are confusing, and, for some, choices are unfairly constrained by teachers’ biases.

The report also explores the participation, engagement, and representation outcomes of ethic learners; aspirations and pathways to future learning and careers; how schools are meeting the needs of ethnic learners. It also outlines the implications for education in the future and key focus areas.   It is accompanied by a number of related documents.

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