Child and youth voice research findings

Insights from rangatahi on Climate Change Commission's draft report

AUTHOR: The Hive | Climate Change Commission

The Hive’s report of young people’s insights in relation to the Climate Change Commission’s consultation on their draft advice to Government.

Key insights included:

  • 73% of our audience would rather NZ invest in wind + solar than hydro energy.
  • 61% said they have a compost bin at home.
  • 95% of respondents said they liked op-shopping for their clothes as an alternative to buying new.
  • Regenerative farming was a recurring idea from young people when asked for their ideas on possible solutions to agricultural emissions.  
  • 88% would prefer an upgrade in public transport than to own their own vehicle.
  • Confidence on the road and a lack of infrastructure were often referenced as a major reason why our audience wasn’t cycling.
  • Public transport connections to the suburbs and regions were also mentioned as frustrations.

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