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Kei te pai?: Report on student mental health in Aotearoa

AUTHOR: New Zealand Union of Students' Association

This 2018 survey provides an overview of the state of tertiary students’ mental health in New Zealand. 1,762 tertiary students (the majority aged 16-25yrs old) took part in the survey, which explored the following areas of inquiry:

  • Education, including academic success and whether dropping out had been considered
  • Living situation
  • Employment, income and expenses
  • Relationship status
  • Alcohol, Cigarettes, Weed and Recreational Drug Use
  • Kessler Phycological Distress Scale (Kessler 10)
  • Causes of Depression, Stress and Anxiety
  • Mental Health History
  • Mental Health Support Services within Tertiary Institutions
  • The report includes analysis that highlights the levels of psychological distress in different groups of participants and different factors impacting their psychological distress as measured by the Kessler scale.

While this opt-in survey is not necessarily representative of all tertiary students in New Zealand, it  provides an important insight into the stresses and factors that impact students’ mental health.

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