Child and youth voice research findings

Now we are eight: Life in middle childhood

AUTHOR: Growing up In New Zealand | Ministry of Social Development

Aotearoa’s largest longitudinal study, Growing Up in New Zealand (GUINZ), explores the lives of more than 6,000 children from before they were born.

This GUINZ report explores the lives of around 6,000 children at eight years of age, and provides an insight into children's emerging sense of culture and identity and how they connect with their families and the wider world. The report features data and insights from both the children and their families.  It is the first report to feature the voices and views of the children as they were interviewed directly for the first time. 

Areas explored included:

  • culture and identity, including languages and gender
  • family and whanau, including: parenting and involvement, parenting support, maternal health, maternal work and media use and screen times
  • household capitals, including: Material wellbeing and hardship; household income; housing quality; residential mobility; household tenure
  • school engagement and experiences of bullying
  • child health and wellbeing, including: oral health, sleep, nutrition; body size; emotional and social development; mental wellbeing
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