Child and youth voice research findings

What Matters?

AUTHOR: GirlGuiding NZ

2018 survey of 3,300 girls (10-17yrs), using independent market research company Buzz Channel - to understand what matters to New Zealand girls.

Key insights include:

  • The personal qualities New Zealand girls admire most in female role models are setting a good example, being self-confident and proud of who they are, compassionate and kind.
  • Most frequently mentioned by girls as a female they admire, or believe is a good role model, is their mother - mentioned by three in ten girls (31%).
  • The two qualities girls feel it’s most important to be are: Accepting of everyone (53%) Standing up for what you believe in (49%)
  • Most girls (approximately 8 in 10) rated themselves as being friendly, accepting of everyone and kind all or most of the time. 
  • Girls’ perceptions of themselves as being happy, confident and pretty decrease as they get older.
  • Spending time with friends (79%) doing well at school (71%) and family gatherings (59%) are the three most important activities .
  • They most worry or care about being doing well at school (43%), what their future will look like (39%), and friends and/or family feeling sad or being hurt (35%).
  • Most girls agreed with statements around pressures today’s girls face, particularly feeling pressure to look good in life and on social media, body types in the media, and judgement from others, particularly girls aged 12 years and over.
  • Eight in ten girls aged 10-17 years felt they had been discriminated against at some point in their life. Results show this incidence increases with age.
  • One in five girls feel actively changing their own behaviour is the best way to change something in the world
  • Almost all girls believe pop culture influences them in some way (93%) -
  • Virtually all girls aged 13 years and over use social media. 

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