Child and youth voice research findings

Youth Diversity Forum

FACILITATOR: UNESCO New Zealand National Commission | Human Rights Commission | Ngāi Tūāhuriri | Ngāi Tahu

The focus of this 2019 forum was the future of race relations in Aotearoa. It involved 100 young people of diverse faith and cultures from across the country.

Key themes from the forum included:

  • Overall, the young people called for the nurturing of strong and inclusive communities that enable courageous, inter-generational conversations, and where all people can find a sense of belonging and contribute to shaping the future of Aotearoa. The vision for how we create a diverse, inclusive and safe Aotearoa includes:
  • Educating and supporting our people's wellbeing with 'ecosystem' thinking. We need to become comfortable with having difficult and nuanced conversations
  • Intentionally creating rich opportunities to come together to listen, celebrate, cross-pollenate and solve problems together
  • Radically reimagining our systems to embody Te Tiriti and ecosystems thinking to deliver on human centred values. Include youth and indigenous perspectives

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